The Latest News


Here are some of our latest developments:

Thanks to Jen Payne, we now have a great website, with links to our application form and gardening guidelines.

Seedling Project:
Our seeds are germinating under the tender care of the generous folks at Vaiuso’s. When they have germinated and grown big enough our Seedling Committee will be transplanting them into bigger pots.

Community Response:
There was a nice article about us in The Sound last week. I have had a very good response from the community regarding both requests for family gardening plots and from people who just want to help us. I continue to be amazed at the willingness of Branfordites (is this a word?) to step up to the plate.

Tractors and Plows:
Steve DuHamel and I went out to the Pine Orchard site on Monday afternoon to try to determine where the existing waterlines are. This is to try to avoid busting the waterlines when Steve does his first deep plow. Thanks to a pipeline map provided by Beryl Meiner, director of the day care center, we think we have figured it out. Steve should be able to plow on Wednesday.

Martha Link Walsh has generously offered to create a logo for our Branford Community Gardens, Inc. As soon as it’s ready it will be up on the website.

So, thanks to everyone!

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