Local Source for Wood Garden Stakes

Dear Gardeners:

Since my last blog mentioned using wooden stakes (4′ or longer) to help hold steady tomato cages, or just using stakes for trellising of the climbing plants, I’ve located a local source, ZuWalick Lumber in Branford. ZuWalick Lumber is located at 36 ZuWalick Lane, which is off Leetes Island Road. As you travel from Stop and Shop on Leetes Island towards Stony Creek, pass over I-95. Just after crossing I-95, ZuWalick Lane will be on your left–there’s a round sawmill blade as a sign. Go down ZuWalick Lane, past the house on your right, past the shed/barns on the left and straight ahead will be the sign for the saw mill. Continue past the firewood and mulch until you come out into the opening with the lumberyard where someone will help you.

They have wood garden stakes (1″ square), which are planed on two sides, rough on the other two. The stakes are 4′ for $1.25, 5′ for $1.80 and 6′ for $2.00. I do not know if these are the best prices around, but it is a locally owned and operated business–I was stunned to learn that Branford has a sawmill! I’ve purchased unplaned hemlock boards from them to make raised beds for my garden at home. The hours are Mon-Fri 7:00 am – 4:00 pm and Saturday 7:00 am – 12:00 pm, phone number 488-3821.


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