“Houston, We have water,” Hose Request, and the BCG Plant Sale

Hello Gardeners,

The water supply to the garden was hooked up this morning – just in time for the rainy weather! Thank you, Javier, for repairing faucet #4! Everybody, please keep an eye out for any leaks in the coming weeks and let Connie know as soon as possible if you detect any.

If anybody has a hose in GOOD shape and is willing to loan it to the garden, please let Connie know.

If you have any surplus houseplants, perennials that need dividing, shrubs, dahliahs, vegetables, or other plant material and care to donate them for sale at our fundraiser, feel free to do so. It’s usually a good idea to pot up perennials a few weeks or so before the sale (like around now!) so that they can recover from transplant shock and will look good at the time of the sale. Please label the plant materials with a name (if you know it). We’ll be sending more instructions on how to get them to us, probably the day before the sale.

Yours in organic gardening,

Connie and Malaine

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