Saturday May 16 in the Garden

Hello Gardeners,

If everything goes as planned we should have our first delivery of compost to the garden by the end of this week. So, we are planning to meet on Saturday at 10 AM at the garden. This should be our first big work session, so please try to be there! We’re going to need some muscle! We have to wait for the fence to go up before planting anything so on Saturday we will be preparing the gardens for planting. Prior to Saturday feel free to get out there and start getting the weeds under control in your plot (remember: no Roundup or Preen, or similar herbicides).

Malaine will be giving a demonstration of planting techniques and garden layout, and will answer your gardening questions.

This is what I hope to accomplish on Saturday:

  1. Get the compost, bone char and ProGro distributed to each gardener so you can start to work it into the soil (**see below),
  2. Lay wood chips on the central pathway,
  3. Assemble the “Seed, Weed & Feed” committee and make a plan for planting and maintaining that plot,
  4. I will try to have ID badges ready to give you – please get your signed waivers to me asap, if you have not already done so. Giving them out on Saturday will save me the time and expense of having to mail them.

Please bring buckets, wheelbarrows, rakes, pitchforks and shovels, gardening gloves, sunscreen, hats, water and your lunch!

I’ve met some of our gardeners, but still haven’t met you all. I can’t wait to! I have such a good feeling about the group! Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.


** We will distribute (for each 20’x 20′ plot; the 10×20 plots will receive half the amount) approximately 12 pounds of Progrow (ABOUT 6 quarts – organic “all purpose” fertilizer, NPK = 5-3-4) and 5 pounds of BoneChar (ABOUT 2.5 quarts) (source of PHOSPHORUS, NPK = 0-16-0). So you need to bring a container(s) to hold approx 17 pounds of amendments, which altogether is about 9 quarts of material. For example, two 2-gallon buckets or one 5-gallon bucket would be very adequate. The amendments can be mixed together.

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