Yukon Gold Seed Potatoes from LaBella’s

The folks at LaBella’s Farm have donated Yukon Gold Seed Potatoes to the Branford Community Gardens! I will bring them to the garden on May 16. If you are interested in the seed potatoes bring a paper bag, or something similar, to carry them home. Thank you La Bella’s!


1. If you not choose to plant all of the potatoes in this bag, you may eat whatever is left over. These seed potatoes have not been treated in any way and are as good tasting and nutritious as any potatoes you can buy.

2. Store in cool dark moist place and safe from freezing.

3. GROUND PREPARATION: After all danger of frost is past, work garden bed up to a depth of 7” to 9”. Broadcast 25 lbs of 5-10-10 fertilizer per hundred linear feet of potato planting. (A 20-lb bag of seed potatoes will plant 130 linear feet.) Work the fertilizer into the soil.

4. SEED PREPARATION and PLANTING: Just before planting, cut larger potatoes in two, three or four sections or the approximate size of a golf ball. Make sure there is at least one eye on each section. Plant freshly cut seed into the fertilized soil 8” apart in a trench 4” deep. Cover the seed with 1” to 2” of soil.

5. INSECT AND FUNGUS CONTROL: Insect and fungus control are very important. Spray as necessary.

6. CARE OF PLANTS: Cultivate frequently to control weeds. Pull soil up around plant as it grows making a row 12” wide and 12” high. Keep plants well watered.

7. HARVEST and STORAGE: Potatoes mature in 100 to 120 days. Potato vines will begin to die when the potatoes mature. When this occurs, harvest the potatoes two weeks later. The ground should be dry during harvest. Store potatoes at approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit in a dark moist place.
Posted by Branford Community Gardens at 2:54 PM

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